Woocommerce Maintenance

Do you want your WordPress store in Woocommerce to work 100% while you are selling and looking for customers? My Woocommerce Maintenance service guarantees the smooth running of your online store so you don’t lose sales and customers.

Running a business is risky enough, so why take risks where they are not needed? Don’t do it!

The maintenance of your website requires time, technical knowledge, and dedication. If you don’t have it, the option is to use my professional service, in which I offer technical support adjusted to take care of the most important thing: the sales.

All the information in your Woocommerce store will be shielded, updated, and will meet the technical parameters of operation to pawn the success of your business. What is most important in maintenance? I explain below …

WooCommerce platform update

Updating the Woocommerce platform is a task that requires persistent monitoring. An outdated site not only presents vulnerabilities for your online store. For your customers as well.

The Woocommerce maintenance service includes*:

  • Update of the WooCommerce core.
  • Update of WordPress and WooCommerce plugins and extensions
  • Update of the Theme and CMS of the website.
  • Vulnerability correction.
  • Removal of bugs and PHP errors from the system
  • Malware and spyware removal

*Before contracting this service you must have the licenses of all the paid plugins and theme.

Having an outdated website gives a bad image of your company. In addition, you make it easier for hackers to steal sensitive data: bank card numbers and subscriber information.

Security for your WooCommerce content

Making regular backups of your website and your Woocommerce content will protect you from system crashes and the eventual killing of your data.

The web maintenance service also protects you from hacker attacks.

This service includes*:

  • Daily or weekly WordPress security backup within the web hosting.
  • Copies of the structure and content of your online store
  • Protection against DNS and server attacks through FIREWALL.
  • Protection against account hacking attempts
woocommerce maintenance

Having daily or weekly backups will free you from burdens caused by contradictions between plugins or accidental deterioration in the code of your website.

Having daily backups is a brilliant and simple way to solve many problems on your website.

Immediate response to website emergencies

There are technical conflicts that can affect the proper functioning of your online store, causing system weakness or serious errors in search engine tracking.

Solving them quickly and efficiently will allow you to resume your services and rescue sales.

This service includes:

  • Web incident resolution.
  • System restoration ( Core WordPress and/or Woocommerce ).
  • Correction of tracking errors.
  • Technical support.

Don’t wait for the inconveniences to arrive. If you have a Woocommerce store, it is best to leave the maintenance in the hands of an expert who guarantees promptness and quality of service.

WooCommerce Maintenance Plans

WooCommerce maintenance plans are carried out on a daily/weekly basis once you have contracted it. This means that you will not have to request an audit of your website.

The common tasks of monitoring, control, and creation of constant backups will help prevent and solve incidents. In this way, you will avoid having to deal with unexpected problems.

The following monthly plans that have been thought out and created for your e-commerce with Woocommerce contains.

Basic Plan

Guarantees smooth operation.
$ 65
  • Woocommerce updates
  • Security for your content
  • 1 Hour of advice or modifications

Incidence Plan

Don't worry about setbacks.
$ 250
  • Includes everything in the basic plan
  • Immediate response to incidents
  • 5 Hours of advice or modifications

You will have your WooCommerce online store ready to sell at all times, without interruptions or surprises.

  • Protect your online store on the Internet.
  • Saves time.
  • Get peace of mind for your business.
  • Worry only about your customers and sales.

With both plans, you will also receive a monthly report of the maintenance work done in your store so you can keep track of the actions taken.

Do you have any questions about web maintenance? Contact me

I will be happy to analyze as a consultant your Woocommerce and adapt the plan to your needs whether you are from Spain or anywhere in the world.