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Hello! I am Mihai Dobre. I live in Castril, Granada, Spain and I am a Freelance Web Designer working with Woocommerce.

I’m going to tell you a little bit about me and my story! I decided to turn my life around more than 7 years ago when I started in the online world as a freelance web designer doing projects for my clients in Marbella and the rest of Spain. Also, I have worked for customers outside of Spain like in UK and USA

Over time I realized that I am passionate about WordPress optimization ( WPO ) and Woocommerce. 

I am also an expert in Dropshipping solutions with Aliexpress worldwide and currently have 3 online stores on autopilot that generate monthly profits for me. In my blog, you will find the best strategies and tricks for dropshipping to generate more sales or to start from zero.

I currently work on a freelance basis for several clients as an eCommerce web designer in Spain and Europe.

Why should you trust my knowledge?



Because I always demonstrate my knowledge with real facts within my articles in my blog. More than 7 years of experience.


I have tried before

Because everything I apply in my services, I have tried before in my webs so you don’t make the same mistake.



Because I offer you my blog articles for FREE, I don’t charge memberships or monthly fees as in other websites.

My current projects

I am currently working as a freelancer for several clients in Spain, as I mentioned before… As a Woo freelance web designer. I also have some projects of my own:

  • This blog: Where I explain everything I’m learning about Woocommerce and the world of eCommerce in general (before it was a website prepared to sell my web services in general, one and another) until I decided to stay only with the Woocommerce and Dropshipping.
  • Besides offering my professional services with WordPress and Woocommerce I am also dedicated to Dropshipping business and teaching the best strategies and tricks.
  • I also have a good cemetery of failed projects, although some of them do not end up dying completely… Some day, I will take them up again! Hopefully… 🙂
About Mihai Dobre

I don't want to bore you with my story but... you have to read

15 years ago I decided to come and live in Spain… to be specific in San Pedro de Alcántara, Marbella – Málaga.  I worked like everyone else in Spain and the rest of the world from 09:00-17:00, but I was not happy with what I was doing.

I decided to start creating something of my own, something of my own. I started as a freelance web designer, expert in WordPress, and an expert in online stores with Woocommerce. It was and is what I like to do today!

For some time now I have started to arouse some curiosity about the online world, dropshipping with Aliexpress. To be more specific like 2 years ago.

I decided to open this blog to talk about my experience in WordPress and Woocommerce, Dropshipping with Aliexpress, recommend products and tools.

Starting this blog was not the initial plan, everything developed as one thing led to another before I could finally control it.

But before that, I’ve lost a lot of time planning things, which I’m going to write in this blog, and other things that came into my head! I was thinking only about how to make money, but then I realized that’s not what it’s about! I have experience in certain things as mentioned before and I said to myself: Why not help others and share my knowledge with them? Someone will surely thank me one day.

But now I have it more clear! I help you with the information I have and I also offer you my web services.

Thank you for coming here and remember that you can learn from my tutorials or any questions you may have I am available to contact me. Because even though I’m in Granada I accept jobs from all over the world.