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This is Mihai Dobre, I offer you all the services you need to have an online presence in the UK. Save time and money by centralizing everything in the same provider: web design, online stores, programming, hosting, domains, SEO and more.
I'M mihai dobre

Web Designer UK Expert in WordPress & WooCommerce

My speciality is corporate web design and development of online stores with WordPress and WooCommerce in the UK and worldwide. I live and breathe all WordPress and all eCommerce with WooCommerce.


Professional assistance in consulting and management of existing web projects or projects in the process of being created.


My goal is to help you attract customers, traffic and increase sales for your physical or online business.

Web Design UK

Get online presence with my professional web design services with WordPress and WooCommerce.


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I have the solution if you are ready to design, develop, or scale in WordPress and WooCommerce. I offer professional WordPress web design services worldwide including, in the USA, Spain, and UK.

WooCommerce Website Design

Conquer your customers with a modern and customized eCommerce website. My web design and development process ensures a reliable and customized eCommerce.

WordPress Website Design

Corporate website design with WordPress for companies, professionals and entrepreneurs. WordPress expert worldwide to create custom corporate websites.

Technical Support

WordPress technical support expert worldwide, I am your best ally, I offer technical assistance and guidance to solve your doubts and offer you the best technical help for your website.

Website Maintenance

If you are looking for an expert in WordPress web maintenance I am the person you are looking for. More than 100 websites developed and in maintenance support me.

WPO Optimization

My name is Mihai Dobre and I help entrepreneurs to optimize and improve speed and security in WordPress and WooCommerce with advanced WPO techniques.

Affordable Freelance WordPress Website Designer in the UK

My speciality is corporate web design and development of online stores with WordPress and WooCommerce in the UK and worldwide. I live and breathe all WordPress and all eCommerce.

I started developing with WordPress and WooCommerce in 2014 and since then I have helped hundreds of individuals and online businesses to succeed on Google.

Today, my reputation as a freelance web designer expert in WordPress of reference for everything related to WordPress and e-commerce backs me up.

"Working with Mihai Dobre has been a most pleasant experience! Mihai's dedication and passion for what he does are exemplified by his unrivaled customer support and attentiveness to the specific needs of our business. We look forward to a long-lasting and prosperous relationship with MihaiDobre.Com. Thanks, Lord Steampunk
Lord Steampunk
"Hace ya 6 años quise empezar mi tienda virtual y Mihai Dobre me ayudo enormemente a empezar mi negocio online mediante la creacion de una tienda online profesional. En todo momento me asesoro y aconsejó para el buen funcionamiento y el triunfo en ventas online. Recomiendo los servicios de diseño web de Mihai Dobre 100%."
Vanessa perez novo
"Lo recomiendo mucho, hace un trabajo excelente, también te lo explica todo muy bien. Estoy muy contenta con el resultado de la web de mi primer proyecto y ahora voy a volver a contratar sus servicios para otro proyecto nuevo."
Belén Cañestro
Why Mihai Dobre?

Reasons to hire me as your freelance web designer expert in WordPress UK and WooCommerce.

Transparency, first and foremost transparency. As a freelance WordPress designer worldwide, I will recommend services and strategies that I have previously used in my websites and that have proven to be successful. In addition, what I have used in my websites I have also used in the websites of the companies I have worked with.

Verifiable experience. You can see some of the projects I have done in the projects section. Also, I am positioned with this website Mihai Dobre on the first page of Google in the UK for search terms like “Web designer UK” “freelance WordPress design UK” “freelance website designer UK”, “WordPress design expert UK” “freelance SEO WordPress UK” and others. But I guess if you’ve come to my website, you’ve already noticed ;). So, if you decide to hire SEO services, success is practically guaranteed.

Speed. You can count on an agile execution of WordPress and WooCommerce projects. I don’t like to wait either, I always try to arrive five minutes early to any place. I guess you feel the same. That’s why I guarantee fast communication, on-time deliveries, and meeting the deadlines established and approved by both parties.

I offer services and solutions for your business. Yes, if I consider that it would be beneficial to hire them at some point, I will suggest it to you, although I will always respect your final decision ;). In short, my main goal is that you achieve success, since you are the best promoter of my business.

Payment Methods. Unlike other freelancers or agencies in the USA, I do not require full payment in advance. Generally, a first payment of 60% (depending on the project) is made at the beginning, and the remaining balance at the end, once you are completely satisfied with the work done.

Communication. I am available to connect with you at any time via Google Meet, email, phone, and WhatsApp.  If necessary, we can even meet to enjoy a coffee together if you live in the area of Estepona, Cancelada, or San Pedro de Alcántara in Spain (Which is where I live now ).

Cost savings. Having a full-time team is indeed ideal, but let’s face it, this approach entails many unnecessary expenses that you can avoid by hiring a freelance eCommerce designer. The advantage is that you only pay for the service you need, and the money you save on salaries, and taxes, among others, you can allocate to other areas of your business.

Commitment. My priority is to meet the goals and deadlines you have set. I am aware that there are other freelance web designers in the market, and the last thing I want is to lose a client.